Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One step at a time

Mud Whimsy Studio before painting
I've settled on a color for the exterior of my studio... It's a lovely green called Pesto (I'll have to make some delicious pesto when I'm done to celebrate!). The trim is going to be a cream color. The paint is all purchased and ready to be applied! I'm still working on finishing up the priming but as long as the weather cooperates my studio should be finished by the end of next week. In addition, the little garden area outside the studio is planted with as many veggies as we could fit in the small patch. Little baby spinach plants are starting to poke out! 
Things have been in transition for so long- it's been too cold to paint the exterior, I still don't have my own kiln or a wheel.... But I feel like getting the outside painted is one step towards realizing my dream of having a fully functional ceramic studio. And I'm so excited for the color! I just love green.


  1. Anne! Your studio looks JUST LIKE ours. But your color and garden I think is better than what we've got. :) We will come eat some pesto with you when it's done in celebration. Go girl!

  2. Yes Shannon and Sahra- join me for pesto! If anyone else in the Boulder area wants in on the celebrating let me know :)