Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Ceramics

Waking up to an ice-covered car, cloudy skies, and a 26 degree morning I decided I could really use a dose of spring. The month of March is such a tease! One day it's sunny and warm, the little flowers poke out of the ground, then BAM! Two feet of snow! I suppose my best option is to bring Spring indoors.

This sweet trio of vases is by artist Jake Johnson. He has an etsy shop HERE, and the vases can be purchased HERE. I love that his work has so much personality! I'm imagining bright yellow daffodils in these vases...

This vase is by SuiteOneStudio. It can be purchased HERE. The colors are amazing! An added bonus is that the shop is having a sale- 17% off (to celebrate 1,700 shop hearts on Etsy!) until March 10th.  Lindsay, the gal behind SuiteOneStudio, also has a fabulous blog that discusses life as a full-time artist, inspirations, glazes, sales, give-aways.... All good stuff. The link will be on my sidebar, or you can find it at

Spring makes me think about my bike. Oh, how I look forward to riding everywhere, especially on those unexpectedly warm days. This cup is a great reminder that those days have arrived! Created by DAHceramics, it can be purchased HERE (in the shop there are also some beautiful bowls glazed with a baby-leaf-green that I'm lusting over!). Dara Hartman, of DAHceramics, also has a blog at She posted some great step-by-step photos of her hand building process.

Even though I'm whining about the weather today, last weekend I did get out and ride my old Schwinn. It was one of those unexpectedly warm spring days and I took full advantage. I'm looking forward to more of those!


  1. Wow Anne! What a beautiful post! I am so happy to be included on your lovely blog! I have added you to my blog reading list and will certainly be visiting again. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with me! And, thank you again for the feature!

  2. Oh, you are so sweet! I love your blog too!