Friday, January 25, 2013


When I was in college majoring in ceramics I heard the worst pick up line. I was in a bar, making small talk with some guy and I told him I was studying ceramics. He brought up the Ghost scene and asked if I had ever tried it. I said, "Uh, no."  
"Neither have I. You wanna?" He said raising his eyebrows up and down.
Even though the scene in Ghost was very well done and quite sexy, after working with clay I shudder when I think about it. First of all, a lot of clay is gritty and rough. While my hands have gotten used to the exfoliation, I do not want any other part of my body to endure the constant roughness of throwing. Second, if the clay is good and ready, it stinks. Really, it smells like moldy vinegar. I love the earthy smell, but it is definitely not a turn on! 
So needless to say, that guy in the bar did not reenact the Ghost scene. Not with me, anyway!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keep Versus Sell

Lately I've been challenged by what to keep versus what to sell.

Exhibit A: A green dotted air plant home. I photographed it, listed it in my Etsy shop, posted it on Facebook- everything I needed to do to sell it. I wanted to sell it!

... But then today I bought a new plant, which fit perfectly in the pot and looks so cute with all of the others. Now it is mine! (The other pottery in the photo below was made by me too).

Exhibit B: Awhile ago I made a mug that was kind of a disaster from the beginning. I mentioned it here.
Despite its flaws I decided to go ahead with glazing it. When it was finished was quite lovely! It has been awhile since I've kept a mug for my own personal use, and cappuccinos would be so nice to drink from it. However, I have a cupboard brimming with mugs. When I asked my daughter if I should sell or keep it she said, "Sell it! And can you sell our other mugs too? Our cupboards are too full." 

I'll probably put it aside for a little bit while I think about it. We'll see what happens with this little mug.... Feel free to comment on your opinion of whether I should keep it or sell it. And just for the record I will not sell my cupboard mugs!

Sometimes I intend to keep things and then the rightful owner emerges. Like my Snigel Mug. I made a bunch of mugs, one of which had a snail on the side and the word 'snigel' (Swedish for snail) carved in. I made it for myself and had no intention to sell it. But then someone fell in love with it and I knew it was meant to be hers. Now I'm making myself a new one- maybe!