Monday, October 29, 2012

Custom Mugs

I've been working in my studio every chance I get lately, especially at night. I stocked up on more porcelain and new glazes and have been happily using them! I've received a few fun commissions for custom mugs, which is keeping me busy and inspired. I am especially excited about this mug for a bird watcher:

This mug was sort of a disaster. There were tons of air bubbles when I was throwing it, then I trimmed the foot off center and too far. I think I fixed it, but it may end up in my cupboard! 

I'm also working on a mug for a teacher, one with an earth sign, and a mug for a friend.

If you're interested in a custom mug let me know! I can pretty much work with any idea you might have. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Air Plant Homes

I'm quite pleased with how these little porcelain air plant homes have been coming out. I think I'll make LOTS! I sold a few of them last weekend but I still have some left. As soon as I can get some good photographs of them they will be added to my Etsy shop! Let me know if you're interested in purchasing any of them and I can create a custom listing for you (the ones with lines and polka dots have both sold).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exciting Things

So many exciting things have been happening lately! I feel like I'm finally gaining the momentum with Mud Whimsy that I've been working towards since opening my back yard studio. I put out a plea on Facebook for some likes- and got what I asked for! It was so nice to go from a few likes to more than 30 (once you hit 30 you get updates. It's a small milestone, but one nonetheless!).  My Facebook page is HERE, if you feel like showing a little 'like' too.

Over the weekend I had a last-minute sale at Clementine Studio. I glazed and fired all of the work that's been sitting on my shelf waiting. Most of those pieces were little air plant homes. I love how they turned out! The ones that didn't sell will be in my Etsy shop soon.

I always bring my handmade mugs into coffee shops when I get my daily cappuccinos. Lately I've had a lot of inquiries about custom mugs and where I sell my work. A woman told me yesterday that my mug was one of the nicest she'd ever seen! I decided that it was time to get professional business cards. So I did. 250 of them! Here's how they'll look:

A professional artist told me to be sure that I had a picture of my work on my card because otherwise people will forget. The mug in the photo was one that I was particularly proud of and I feel like it represents my aesthetic well. Now when I receive compliments on my mugs I'll hand them a card and say, "Thanks! I can make one for you!"