Thursday, March 3, 2011

Artist of the Week- Eva Hild

 I found Swedish artist Eva Hild simply by typing 'ceramic artists' into a google search engine. A photo of Eva's work popped up and just I had to see more.... Something that surprised me about her work is how large it is. When I saw the photos I imagined a vase-sized piece, but seeing more photos demonstrated the dimensions- some pieces are so large that children can climb around on them! Another surprising detail is that these pieces are created using hand building techniques.

I thought this was a nice description of Eva Hild's creative process and also of the components of clay:
”Given the complexity of Eva Hild's forms one might imagine that she would need a computer to calculate them. This is far from being the case. Sometimes she makes a few sketches in advance but the details cannot really be foreseen. Somehow she manages to make clay, such a sticky and physical material, seem immaterial. Yet she could never produce her forms in any other material. Clay is wonderfully plastic and allows itself to be constantly reworked… "
Article in Ceramics Art and Perception 55/2004, text Kerstin Wickman

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