Thursday, March 10, 2011

Peek Inside My Cupboards

 I visited an artist's home in the OpenArts Fall Open Studios Tour and she had all of her cupboard doors open. She had a hodge podge of dishes, just like my cupboards. This is something that I LOVE about my home and I love that I made many of my own dishes (the artist I visited had made many of her dishes too)! I know some people prefer to have all matching plates and bowls stacked neatly together but I don't think I'll ever fit into that category.
This photo is of my cupboard- all of these bowls were made by me! For my thesis project during college I made about 50 thrown, then carved and slip-trailed bowls. Each was-one-of-a-kind, the glazes were painted onto the surface, and many had luster or further embellishing. Over the years I've given a few away but many still remain in my cupboards, stacked precariously of course!

*For those of you that are interested, all of my bowls were glaze fired at cone 6. The glazes were all made by me, most were created by adding mason stains to a base glaze.

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  1. anne ... i had to smile my cupboards are a hodge podge as well but not as lovely as yours ...