Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coffee addiction pays off...

I recently went to Peet's Coffee to get my daily fix. Peet's is one of my favorites, I've been going there a long time. Usually when I get coffee I use one of MY handmade mugs-  it saves me a little money, it's environmental, and it's free advertising. If anybody says, "I like your mug!" I say, "Thank you, I made it!" and I hand them a business card.
This last time I went in the manager asked me if I'd be interested in selling my mugs at Peet's. Um, YES!  I will have a table set up at Peet's Coffee on 29th Street (located off Canyon and 29th), July 10th, starting at 12 PM. All mug purchases will get a free cup of coffee! As a further bonus for anybody who reads this, mention this blog and get 10% off!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New mug!

I was very happy with how this one turned out. A long time ago I made one with a similar design... Then dropped it on the floor and broke it! So I'm happy to have something like it back in the world. The design is inspired by a textile. I created it by carving the shape out, then applying slip to the design to raise it up from the surface and give it more texture. If you would like to purchase it, visit my etsy store HERE!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A collection

A bit ago I mentioned the open house at Caroline Douglas' home. I got there on the early side (it started at 1:00, I got there at 1:30), and I'm so glad I did! People were already grabbing at things they wanted to buy. I had planned on just looking, filling my eyes with inspiration, chatting with Caroline... But I fell in love. First I fell in love with a wall sculpture of a girl riding a zebra. The price tag, however, made me realize that it was love I couldn't afford. Then I fell in love again and this time it was love that could be mine. I rarely buy art because, well, I can usually make it myself (even though I rarely do!). But this piece had a certain soul that I knew I could never reproduce. When I brought it home and found the right place to hang it I realized that I have a little collection happening!
Made by Caroline Douglas

...With other things hanging on the wall- a salt shaker and a bull I made out of porcelain.

A rhino head I made!

The full collection, hanging in my bedroom.