Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Update

I am so ready for Autumn... Cooler days, that cozy feeling, and more time indoors. In June and July I worked like crazy on a handful of custom orders that I received all at once, and finished them in a big flurry. Then I had nothing for a long while~ no orders, barely any clay and very little inspiration. It was a good time for a break. I went on a little road trip, worked my other jobs, and spent time with my daughter. I have barely been in my studio for a few weeks except here and there and when I did visit it was briefly. I began to notice a little structure going up around the perimeter of my garden. First it started on the edge of the siding down to the garden wall. Then it expanded to the watering can that hasn't been used in a month. Then the builder remodeled and popped the top. It became a GIANT spider web! This morning I was watering my garden and saw something out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a spider, though it retreated quickly with the spray of water I gave my tomato plants. Tonight I went out to have a look and the master architect was out, sitting on his (or her) throne.
From far away you can barely see it

As close as I would dare
This spider is about the size of a quarter and the web it has built is bigger every day. So literally, my studio is getting covered with webs... It is time for me to get back in there.