Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe - March

A piece by Kellie Cannon at Spark Gallery
 In Denver the galleries on Santa Fe host an Art Walk the first Friday of every month. I was happy to get the chance to get out there last night! I brought along my daughter (the purple hair) and her friend, Alison (the blue hair). It is always so inspirational!

 This was Hana and Alison's favorite show. My understanding was that it is a space about to be renovated to create artist studios. In the meantime the building owner allowed an inner city youth program to 'decorate' the walls. All of the graffiti was done by kids in the program. What a great idea! I love that the kids got to express themselves in this type of medium, and that it is supported and encouraged by the community.

Finger Painting by Lauren Reed

Detail of Finger Painting by Lauren Reed
 My favorites were over at Kanon Art Collective. I didn't see who the steel cube sculpture was by but after a bit of research my best guess is Jeff Erwine. Please set me straight if I'm wrong!

Finger Painting by Lauren Reed was the only ceramic art I saw! Granted, we only went into a few galleries. Also it is National Photography Month so that seemed to be the focus (ha ha, no pun intended!).  I'm a sucker for dots. They just seem so happy...

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