Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Octopus Mug
 I've been thinking a lot about mugs lately. I have a lot of gratitude towards them. I made my first mug when I was in a college ceramic class because I wanted something special to drink coffee out of. My first mug was clunky and heavy, made out of stoneware clay with some swirls applied to the surface. The handle was on crooked, the glaze didn't turn out to be the color that I wanted. I used it anyway, for years.

When I reintroduced myself to clay about 5 years ago, I made a decision to just focus on mugs. I didn't have a lot of space in my small house so I needed to make small things. And mugs are always useful for a coffee addict like myself!  I made about twenty over the course of the class.  I experimented with sizes and handles, carving, slip trailing, stamping. I really honed in my style of carving into the surface. I loved bringing out small details, creating texture, and making something unique.

I started bringing my mugs to coffee shops, and would receive compliments on them almost everywhere I went. I used to say "Thank you!" and then retreat with my cappuccino to a quiet corner. After I got more comfortable I started saying, "Thank you, I made it!"

After awhile, baristas around town got to know me from my mugs. And then they started ordering their own. Sometimes they'd want something similar to what I'd already made, sometimes they had their own ideas. That is what started the path leading me to where I am today! Even though I make and sell so many other things now, mugs will always have a special spot for me. I still love making them, I'm still experimenting with new ideas, and I still bring my mugs all over town, only now I carry business cards to hand out after someone says, "I like your mug! Where did you get it?".

Feather and Arrows Mug

Line Doodle Mug with Luster

Owl Mug in progress (for a custom order)

Custom mugs in progress. They were partially glazed in this photo.