Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Update

I apologize for the crickets around here. I've been so busy with everything that I've been forgetting to eat! Today I am home sick (I suppose the busy-ness has finally caught up to me) and am finally able to catch up. I have SO MANY exciting things to share!

1. Trident Cafe is now carrying teacups made by me! I glazed them, pulled them from the kiln, and immediately brought them to Trident. I've felt so lucky to be creating mugs for them and didn't want my luck to run out! They were very well received. The manager kept saying, "Wow, these turned out REALLY well." He put two out and a woman in line next to me requested one of them for her tea.
I will be having a tea party there soon to help support Trident and to celebrate them carrying my mugs! Please let me know if you'd like to be included and I will make sure you are invited.

2. I was a vendor in the Whole Foods Market Whole Planet Foundation sale! It was a great experience all around. I got myself set up to accept credit cards, I sold about half of the work I brought (and made some money!), and heard so many nice things about my work. I've been hesitant to take part in markets and fairs- I've heard some horror stories, but now I am planning on applying to more sales and markets.

3. I have been making lots of new work! Some of them are custom pieces, but I've also made a few just for fun. They should be in my Etsy shop in a bit, but as always if you can't wait until then let me know and we can make an arrangement.