Monday, September 26, 2011


A couple nights ago I had my big event... I invited LOTS of people over and displayed almost all the work I've created over the years. I had ceramics, of course, but also everything I've made with my other creative endeavor, ReLove Projects. I had a really amazing response to all of it, which was nice. It was great to be joined by Erin King of Deadwilder and Kurt VanMarth of Swear Jar Designs too. I scored a couple of Erin's prints and my daughter picked up a silver paper airplane necklace from Kurt (she hasn't stopped wearing it!). Everyone that came had a sort of creative energy- many were artists in their own way, so it was a fun crowd. The big hit of the party was my boyfriend's photo booth. It was hilarious to go back through afterwards and see what people did! I think the photo booth deserves it's own post, so when I need a good laugh I'll put up some of those pictures.
Dead Wilder 

My encaustic work

ReLove Projects

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