Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo Shoot

My boyfriend, Brad, is finding his way in the photography and film world. A few weeks ago he quit his comfortable job to pursue his passion, work for himself, and do something creative. It is an exciting time! Brad asked if he could photograph me in my studio to help build his portfolio, and of course, I obliged. I knew the photos would be great, but I think these are pretty amazing.

Here I am, at my kick wheel. This was the first time I'd thrown a pot in my studio so I was happy to capture it (and happy to be able to share with you!). Now that I've broken in my wheel I've been obsessing about when I can throw more!  More, more, more! I thought that going back to my kick wheel would be a tough transition from working on an electric wheel. While it is more physical, I like that. I feel more connected to the clay and what I'm making.

This photo is simply beautiful. I love the texture of the clay, the messiness of my hands, the quiet moment captured. It seems meditative to me.

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Brad Nielson

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