Sunday, August 28, 2011

Denver Art Museum-Marvelous Mud

Footing, Nathan Craven, 2011
On Friday I went to the Denver Art Museum for the special exhibit: Marvelous Mud, Clay Around the World. It was amazing! I already have plans to go back next Saturday (the museum is free on the first Saturday of every month, FYI for those of you that live in the Denver area!). I left feeling very inspired. Because there was so much to see, and because there is so much that I want to share, I'm going to break this up into parts. I will highlight my favorites from the exhibitions that I was able to see:

 Overthrown: Clay Without Limits

Artists push the boundaries of clay to create large-scale installations that respond to the museum's dynamic architecture.
Marajo: Ancient Ceramics from the Mouth of the Amazon

Delve into the elaborately decorated earthenware ceramics from the people who occupied the Brazilian island of Marajó from A.D. 400-1300.

Focus: Earth & Fire
There's more to Marvelous Mud than ceramics. Celebrate the myriad artistic responses to nature and its elements, including mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes, and forest fires.

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