Saturday, June 11, 2011

A collection

A bit ago I mentioned the open house at Caroline Douglas' home. I got there on the early side (it started at 1:00, I got there at 1:30), and I'm so glad I did! People were already grabbing at things they wanted to buy. I had planned on just looking, filling my eyes with inspiration, chatting with Caroline... But I fell in love. First I fell in love with a wall sculpture of a girl riding a zebra. The price tag, however, made me realize that it was love I couldn't afford. Then I fell in love again and this time it was love that could be mine. I rarely buy art because, well, I can usually make it myself (even though I rarely do!). But this piece had a certain soul that I knew I could never reproduce. When I brought it home and found the right place to hang it I realized that I have a little collection happening!
Made by Caroline Douglas

...With other things hanging on the wall- a salt shaker and a bull I made out of porcelain.

A rhino head I made!

The full collection, hanging in my bedroom. 

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