Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Introduction


In Taos, New Mexico December 2010
My name is Anne, I'm an artist living in Boulder, Colorado, and I recently built a ceramic studio in my back yard.

I received a BFA in ceramics in 2006 but haven't done very much with it.... Until now! I started getting little urges to get my hands dirty once again and took a class through the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation. They have a GREAT studio located in an old firehouse. I got so much positive feedback on my pieces. One woman, while admiring a mug I had made said, "My dear, I think you've found your calling!" That stuck with me: My calling. Working with clay again was transformational. I realized how much I love it and how I want it to be a part of my daily life. I realized that (as immodest as it sounds) I do have a special talent. I realized that if I pursued it clay could be a part of my daily life! 

 This is a space for me to share my journey in learning more about the art of ceramics, inspirations, work in progress, accomplishments, and whatever other whimsy comes my way. Thanks for joining me!

Inside my studio

A quick drawing of a mug I made

Some of the mugs I've created

Ps- I'll be opening an etsy shop soon! 

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