Friday, January 28, 2011


Etsy is such a great place. Full of so many amazing artists and craftsters. Really, what did we all do before Etsy? I was digging around today and found some fabulous work! Enjoy!

Sweet little flower dish made by MarciG. It seems so happy to me! It can be found (and purchased) HERE!

This Sea Urchin Cup was made by New Moon Studio. I love the bright blue glaze on the interior!It can be found (and purchased) HERE!

I saved this one for last because I'd like to prattle on for awhile! This gorgeous vase is by Cynthia Vardhan. When I came upon her work I literally gasped. The amount of work in each of her pieces is just astounding. I use slip trailing in a lot of my pieces but I've never done it on such a large scale. For those of you unfamiliar of what slip trailing is, here is a great article. Not only is her slip trailing technique immaculate, but it is obvious that her throwing skills are equally honed. To top it off, she uses here very own porcelain that she mixes herself! You can find (and purchase) the vase in the photos above HERE. 
Find out more about Cynthia Vardhan HERE.

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