Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Artist of the Week: Caroline Douglas

Lemur and His Dreamer, Caroline Douglas

Slow Boat to China, Caroline Douglas

Ganesh and His New Hat, Caroline Douglas

Evening At Home, Caroline Douglas

This week I chose a local Boulder artist (even though she's known internationally!), Caroline Douglas. She has been working with clay for more than 25 years. Caroline's sculptures have a sense of humor, whimsy, and magic! I've loved her work since I saw it hanging in the downtown public library several years ago- she had created a sculptural tile for every day of the year. Some were momentous, (like her children graduating), some were just ordinary days. I'm intrigued with the idea of making something each and every day...
I've had the pleasure of seeing some of Caroline's work in person, visiting her home during the Open Studios Fall Artist Tour, and having some quick chats with her. All of it was delightful! When I visited her house it was filled with her work! She had so many pieces I imagine that she spends A LOT of time on her ceramics. It wasn't like she was just cranking out mindless pieces either- she had large sculptures with intricate designs, hand painted glazes, and details details details. It was very impressive and inspiring.
Currently Caroline is preparing for a home sale on May 14th. In order to create space she is posting a piece every day that you can buy from her website. If only I had a million dollars! I'm hoping to be able to go to her home sale. If anyone else is in the Boulder area and would like to go with me let me know.

Where you can find Caroline Douglas:
Facebook HERE
Etsy shop HERE

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  1. Thank you SO much Anne! I am so honored to be chosen artist of the week!
    Please do come by my OPen House and let's have a chat. Great blog and all the best to you! ANd I know you can make your dreams come true. :o)