Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taking a Giant Leap

 It's been a busy few months. I found myself going to work at my other jobs, coming home and then going straight out to my studio and working until I went to bed. I spent all of my free time trying to catch up and I just wasn't getting enough done. Something had to give, so I resigned from my beloved job as a nanny. It was very difficult and very sad, but also absolutely necessary.

I have now been a full-time artist for a few weeks! It's sometimes frightening but so far the universe has given me a few high fives. About a week after I resigned from my nanny job I learned that my wall planters were published in Better Homes and Gardens DIY magazine! It's out right now if you want to pick up a copy for yourself! It's the Spring 2015 edition, page 55. Whoop whoop!

 (And just FYI, the headline makes it seem like they are encouraging creative thievery, but the caption underneath it reads "Want to learn how to copy Emily and Aaron May's smart, uncomplicated style in a small space (or any space)? Here's How:" /// The caption with my wall planters reads, "3. Wall art- A petite matte clay wall pocket planter with a glazed interior is great for growing herbs or housing easy-to-grow air plants. $22 each (including air plant)")
It has been so great to have the time to catch up on orders (almost there!), receive new orders, and develop all of the ideas that have been percolating around my brain. Since this is now my full-time job you can expect more shop updates, a quicker turnaround time on custom orders, lots of new work, and a happier me! Also though, since this is now my main source of income, I need your support more than ever! When you are looking for a gift, an item to update your home, or anything you think I might be interested in making please don't hesitate to contact me. I love making custom creations.
 Check out my Etsy shop tonight- I am in the process of creating new listings and will have them live in about an hour. 
 If you would like more regular updates on what I'm up to be sure to check my social media:
Instagram:  AnneBrownyn or #mudwhimsy
Twitter: MudWhimsy
And lastly,  I will be a vendor in the 2015 Spring Firefly Market! It's happening may 2nd and 3rd at Twenty Ninth street in Boulder. It's perfect timing for Mother's Day;  I'm working on lots of things that will make special gifts!

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