Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Overdue Updates

Oh man, I have so much to catch up on! Obviously I haven't been blogging much. Working two jobs (or four if you count Vintage Rhino and Mud Whimsy), raising a teenager, and trying to make time in my studio has packed my days. But things are happening. So many exciting things! I have taken a few leaps and my ceramic business is finally gathering some momentum.
On my birthday (way back in November) I visited one of my favorite stores, Ironwood. Every time I go there I leave feeling very inspired- and I always have a few new plant babies too! On my birthday I like to dress up in something that makes me feel spectacular, and that day I wore my porcelain geometric necklace. When I went to Ironwood the owner of the shop complimented me on my necklace. When I told her that I had made it she offered to sell them at the store! This was a much-needed boost. Not only did it get me making things again, but it gave me the confidence to approach some other shops too.
A few weeks later I moseyed in to a new store in Boulder called Lon Little Shop. It was tiny, but so obviously thoughtful and well curated. There were some beautiful jewelry pieces and I thought my pendants would fit right in. I chatted myself up a little, and the owner Lon said sure, he'd try it out! Lon is always thinking and trying new things. You can practically see his gears turning when he looks at something and gets an idea. I also brought in my little air plant wall pieces, and this gave him the idea of a collaboration between me, his designer Jeff, and him. We came up with a very simple white saki cup (or air plant holder or whatever) with a small indention in the side. The first batch is in the making, and should be finished in the next few weeks! 

Spending so much time in my studio has been so good for me. I am getting new ideas all the time! I'm currently working on all sorts of plant accessories. Like markers, and hanging planters and fairy garden whimsies. I will post more updates as these things make their way to my Etsy shop, but here's a little preview:

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