Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Do List

Lately I've been overwhelmed with all that I've taken on. I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start! Usually when I have too much to do I start cleaning the house and forget what I was supposed to be doing to begin with. Lists help me. Tremendously. I often put a few small things that can be easily achieved (but have been put off), some big things (that will take avoiding a lot of small things in order for me to do), and a few things that absolutely have to get finished whether they are big or small. Right now my Mud Whimsy list is out of control...

Here it is my List (in no order of priority):
-Remake yarn bowl
-Fire Father's Day orders and deliver them on Sunday (June 16th is Father's Day!)
-Make a surprise platter for a secret person
-Finish more thumb drive covers for these lovely people
-Make civil union gift for a friend
-Finish octopus mug
-Wash studio towels (this has been on the list for MONTHS)
-Make dishes for Clementine Studio

I know I am forgetting a few things. I can feel them churning and looming over me. Not a good feeling!

I found a free printable To Do List at that seems very appropriate. It says, "Do it. You'll feel better. Really."

I am going to print it out, translate my to do list, then cross things off. I think I WILL feel better! After that I will have a much better blog post including new finished projects, a shop update, and I think a coupon for my Etsy shop, just for fun.

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  1. I feel this way too. I wish I could just catch up on stuff, but everything keeps piling up. I think I will make a list as well. Good luck with your list!