Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exciting Things

So many exciting things have been happening lately! I feel like I'm finally gaining the momentum with Mud Whimsy that I've been working towards since opening my back yard studio. I put out a plea on Facebook for some likes- and got what I asked for! It was so nice to go from a few likes to more than 30 (once you hit 30 you get updates. It's a small milestone, but one nonetheless!).  My Facebook page is HERE, if you feel like showing a little 'like' too.

Over the weekend I had a last-minute sale at Clementine Studio. I glazed and fired all of the work that's been sitting on my shelf waiting. Most of those pieces were little air plant homes. I love how they turned out! The ones that didn't sell will be in my Etsy shop soon.

I always bring my handmade mugs into coffee shops when I get my daily cappuccinos. Lately I've had a lot of inquiries about custom mugs and where I sell my work. A woman told me yesterday that my mug was one of the nicest she'd ever seen! I decided that it was time to get professional business cards. So I did. 250 of them! Here's how they'll look:

A professional artist told me to be sure that I had a picture of my work on my card because otherwise people will forget. The mug in the photo was one that I was particularly proud of and I feel like it represents my aesthetic well. Now when I receive compliments on my mugs I'll hand them a card and say, "Thanks! I can make one for you!" 

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