Sunday, August 12, 2012

Latest Project: Air Plants

I love plants. It's been a goal of mine to make some really cool planters to decorate my studio with and to sell in my shop. One challenge that I've had is keeping my plants alive. I've always considered myself to be good with plants, and I've kept some alive for years, but for some reason the plants that I've had in my studio very quickly become compost. It could be the temperature, or maybe that I'm out there sporadically (do you think plants get lonely? I do!), but I have not been able to keep a single plant alive. Then I heard about air plants. The main thing that caught my attention is that they're very hardy- They don't need soil or regular watering, just an occasional mist and soak. I ordered a set of 10 small ones and one bigger one, thinking that if I had the plants I'd make the pots. So far they're still kicking, and I've been out in my studio making little porcelain planters to house them. 

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