Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Update

My messy messy studio. 
I haven't been in the Mud Whimsy studio much this summer. I realized that last week and made a conscious effort to spend some time there. But first I had to clean it! I had glaze messes all over my table, a cabinet on the floor, a layer of dust on everything, things that I meant to hang up and display on the walls.... So I cleaned. I hung. I organized. I dusted. I wiped. And I felt much better. Tomorrow I am planning on making something (anything)!

A little cleaner in this corner...

 Here are some summer updates:
-I brought some new mugs to sell at the gallery at Community Holistic Health Center in Lafayette.
-I finished the first 5 mugs in the 100 Mug Series 

5 of 100

-I taught a clay creations camp at Clementine Studio and glazed and fired all the pieces. 
Clay creations at Clementine Studio

-I will have a few new things for the Etsy shop in the next few days. Brad is working on the photos right now! 

-My studio garden is growing! Last summer I didn't have much of a garden and I was jealous of all the delicious tomatoes that everyone else had. So this year I planted cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, peas, and basil. 

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