Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Home again home again

I arrived home from Taos Sunday night. The trip went by quickly, as good vacations do. It probably didn't help that we were only there two days! 

Something that was particularly neat was a business called Taos Clay. It is a gallery, community studio, and teaching facility. Logan Wannamaker is the owner of Taos Clay and exhibits his work in the gallery. I'm always encouraged by people who have been successful in ceramics! 

I visited some galleries and saw some very cool ceramic work- mugs with big goat heads, a glow in the dark galaxy painting, and of course some southwestern art (not really my cup of tea, but fun to see nonetheless). The thing I did the most was walk. I brought my dog Rosie, so I had good company. Taos has a history that Boulder lacks. In Taos there are many things that are exactly how they were 100 years ago- wild untouched ancient sagebrush, old adobe homes, historic places that date back to the early 1600's... It really has a certain spirit.  I already miss it!

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